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Accelerating Innovation in Midtown!


"Midtown knows no boundaries. Our energy, resources, open network and fresh spirit cannot be contained within a two-mile area. We believe Midtown represents a critical physical link between Public Square and University Circle. Midtown is also an essential intellectual resource that extends to Greater Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, and beyond. In a stunningly short period of time, Midtown can evolve to become a model of open collaboration and innovation, which extends our influence around the world. The future of Cleveland and Ohio can and should begin in Midtown. We encourage businesses, residents and supporters from all walks of life to embrace the area and its potential as "Midtown, My Town". Dramatic change is waiting, just around the corner." - The Midtown Network


YOUR NEXT OPPORTUNITY to participate in Open Source Economic Development...




Get up to speed. Read Cleveland 2.0


Download your copy of the new report, Impact of Cleveland Casinos on Midtown, by Ed Morrison, Director, I-Open


Read the Sunday, July 23, 2006 series of Plain Dealer articles on the status of economic development in NEO as captured on Edison Ellenberger's blog here.


Read the Friday, May 19th, Plain Dealer article, "County Officials to Spend Cash for Innovation"here and here.



Listen to the July 27, 90.3 WCPN Podcast about the status of the NEO economy with Tom Waltermine, Ed Morrison, and Jay Miller here. Read Ed Morrison's additional resources posted here.



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Midtown My Town

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Midtown Creative Industries Network Directory

Midtown Innovation GoogleEarthMap

Entrepreneurs and Initiatives

Midtown Horticultural Enterprise Zone


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Building Innovation Zones in NEO



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This is an emerging site, so check back for updates. If you would like to contribute just email info@i-open.org

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