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Midtown is home to entrepreneurs and businesses practicing open source economic development. We are guided by the InnovationFramework a simple heuristic map identifying areas of investment for strengthening networks and building collaborations for the Midtown Innovation Economy. Click on the links below to build your connections.


1. Brainpower

Perma Cycle, Melvin Hendrix /Sustainability, Horticulture

Myers University, Library, Richard Brhel, Director / Midtown Business Directory


2. Marketing and Branding

Nead Brand Partners, Mark Nead, Mark Zust, Chad Garnes / Midtown My Town website

Web Tego Jeff Friedman / Midtown My Town website

Prelude2Cinema, Alex Michaels / Film, Branded Entertainment, Midtown Minutes



3. Building Entrepreneurship and Innovation Networks



4. Building Quality, Connected Places

Black Culture International on Parade Carl Williams, Founder and President



5. Dialogue and Inclusion

Midtown Mornings

Midtown Wednesdays



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