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Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants/ Marc Prensky, 2001

The Anti-Kelo/ Steven Greenhut, WSJ Opinion Journal, 04-06-06



I-OpenWhitePaper2.pdf Ed Morrison, Director, The Institute of Open Economic Networks

"Building Smart Communities Through Network Weaving", Valdis Krebs and June Holley



The Midtown Innovation Zone Report: 1st Qtr. 2006

Collaborative Regional Initiatives: Civic Entrepreneurs Work to Fill the Governance Gap/ James Irvine Foundation, California

Cuyahoga County: Board of County Commissioners/ Transforming Our Regional Economy: Action Plan 2006

Raising the Bar: A Strategic Plan for a Better Economy and a Vibrant Community

Open Source Ecology, Inc. Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.D, Activity Report 2006 and Future Work Report 2007 From Marcin: The two main projects that we are engaging now, in preparation of deploying our first new enterprise learning community, is the compressed earth block machine (CEB) and the modern steam engine for combined heat, power, and water distillation.



Resource Materials

Forum_MHendrix_10May.pdf This collection of articles is a pre-read for Building Sustainable Regional Food Systems, Midtown Wednesday forum, May 10, Myers University, lead by Melvin Hendrix


Research Websites

Social Capital Gateway


Innovation Zone Models

Charleston Digital Corridor

Envision San Diego

Michigan Smart Zones

Kansas City Downtowners

Downtown Kansas City


Models of Activity

Connect out of USCD, Silicon Valley

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